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Everything You Can Make In An Air Fryer oven


Years ago (before our first air fryer oven oven cookbook was even a twinkle in our eye), we were definitely wary of another kitchen gadget. Our kitchens are full enough as it is (with slow cookers, waffle irons, stand mixers…), so anything new has to be great. Turns out, the air fryer oven is TOTALLY worth it. Our top reasons why: We love deep-fried foods (who doesn’t?!), but we are not about all the oil, mess, and cleanup involved. The air fryer oven solves all of that, in less than half the time. It turns out the crispiest, crunchiest foods with juiciness still locked in, thanks to hot air convection cooking. Check out this complete list of all our favorite air fryer oven recipes to see how versatile it truly can be—and if you don't have one yet, consider this your sign to take the plunge!


What’s really wild is how often we use ours. It’s become our go-to for everything from breakfast to dessert, and has even edged out our toaster as our on-counter appliance of choice. Speaking of toast, you can make almost every one of your regular breakfasts in your air fryer oven. We’re talking omelets, muffins, avocado toast, sausage, bacon, pancakes… We know, INSANE, right?


It’s just as good at helping you make delicious lunches and dinners too. If you’ve got a main dish you want to spend more hands-on time with, pop your sides in the air fryer oven and let it do all the work. Veggies like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms & onions, and cauliflower all turn out incredible in the air fryer oven. You can also make your main dish IN the air fryer oven. It works magic with proteins like tofu, chicken drumsticks, meatballs, pork chops, fried chicken… even steak.


 Stick with your favorites, but make them in your air fryer oven. Check out our crab stuffed mushrooms, our loaded zucchini skins, our spinach artichoke zucchini bites, or our bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers for ideas—your air fryer oven can make them in half their usual time.

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