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Oven installation check your home's power


The next consideration to consider when installing a new oven is to check all the fuel supplies your oven needs.

 First, both gas ovens and electric ovens require power.

If you're installing a gas oven, usually the only power source you'll need is the igniter, so only a nearby power point is needed.

 Very small toaster ovens also fit into this group and can simply be plugged into a regular wall socket.
However, most ovens are hardwired to the property.

 A hard-wired oven means that the cable is already shipped with the product and is connected to the home wiring, which means there is no plug to plug in.

 All built-in products have conduits with electrical leads already connected to the range. Ovens generally require a higher level of electricity to operate, so it's best not to plug your oven directly into a regular outlet, and it's always wise to consult an electrician before installing.

The next step, and often missing, is to ensure that the power supply to the oven is adequate. This means we need to check the property switchboard to make sure the oven is on a separate circuit breaker and that the circuit breaker and cables can handle the current the oven needs
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