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What an Air Fryer Oven Can Do for You


Knowing what to cook in an air fryer oven has its benefits—whether you're looking for a quick (but delicious) meal after get off work or trying low-fat cooking at home.

Once you've found the best air fryer oven for your kitchen, you can start enjoying its advantages. While this appliance is known for cooking healthy food quickly (air fryer ovens are 70% faster than regular ovens and 95% less oily than frying*), it's also good for your wallet.

*A recent study by Instant Brands (opens in a new tab) revealed that cooking in an electric oven costs more than 5 times as much as cooking in an air fryer and an electric pressure cooker. "There are some simple adjustments we can make to help reduce the amount of energy we use," said lead researcher Dr. Ximena Schmidt Rivera. "Electric ovens are the culprit, using up to five times the energy of air fryers and pressure cookers."

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