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Good news from HYSapientia Amazon US


In September 2022, the inventory of hysapientia Amazon US products has been sold out. 

This year, the 8th replenishment is about to arrive in the United States. A brand new air fryer oven is coming to fans.

The convection oven is a brand new product, hysapientia is the perfect combination of air fryer and oven. And the product materials of hysapientia air fryer oven are truly safe.

Traditional air fryers, mostly made of plastic, have a layer of Teflon on the inside of the fryer. This is a carcinogen that can seriously affect your health if used for too long.

To this end, we have eliminated the use of plastic, and 90% of the materials are stainless steel or other metals, which greatly protects your health.

HYSapientia will continue to strictly select materials, while sales are growing rapidly, we have not forgotten your health. This is the responsibility of HYSapientia.

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