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The difference between an air fryer oven and a microwave


HYSapientia answers fans' doubts. The difference between our ovens and microwaves.

Most people use Weibo stoves for the purpose of heating frozen foods or pre-made dishes bought in supermarkets so that they can be eaten quickly.

But the role of the air fryer oven is to replace most of the cumbersome cookware, such as toaster, air fryer, etc.

 It's a multi-cooker, air fryer oven capable of helping you accomplish more gourmet possibilities.

Its volume is similar to that of a microwave oven, so many people think it is a microwave oven. 

For the convenience of customers, HYSapientia has added a microwave-like function to the air fryer oven - food defrosting.

This function will appear on the display, under this function, you can use 60C to heat food, the effect is similar to the microwave oven. 

You can adjust the speed at which the oven fan turns, which determines how quickly the food heats up.

This function can help customers find a solution to the "microwave oven" function, but it cannot completely replace the effect of a microwave oven. You can try this method.

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