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Is there any difference in taste between air frying and deep frying?


This is a question that many people will discuss whether air frying is a perfect substitute for deep frying. 

HYSapientia is a brand that makes air fryer ovens that no other air fryer brand we’re going to tell the truth.

Air-fried food is not a substitute for fried food, and the principles of cooking are different. So why should we choose an air fryer oven?

The charm of the air fryer oven is that it is healthy and efficient and saves money. 

If you eat fried food frequently, the result is that your weight will continue to rise. Many health bloggers have tested a topic - eating fried food for a month. What will happen.

Where is the efficiency and money saving? For example, if you want to fry a few chicken wings, then you need to prepare a pot of oil in the pot. 

If it is air frying, you only need to spray a shallow layer on the surface of the chicken wings.

If you need to fry a lot, your oil also needs to be replaced and reused a pan, which will inevitably affect your health. Air fry doesn't have this problem.

Air frying is different in taste from deep frying, but it has to be said. Every food lover has a different opinion, so it's impossible to judge which tastes better here.

But new products, new flavors, a healthy and money-saving air fryer oven, why not give it a try?

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