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What are the secrets to cooking with an air fryer oven


Unlike other kitchen tools that require reading a manual first to operate effectively, it's easy to use. 

Fast cooking now requires minimal ingredients. Use the touchscreen or buttons to set the temperature, prepare other menu items, and you'll be ready to serve in minutes. 

HYSapientia has prepared a huge batch of recipes to satisfy your stomach, open our cookbook and the brand new oven you just received. Start your new culinary journey.

Here are the latest tips on our cooking:

1. Remember to use the corresponding cooking button to cook the food
2. Lightly coat food before cooking
3. Grease a griddle or grill for crunchy treats
4. Never spray aerosols in an air fryer oven
5. For better cooking, don’t overcrowd food

6. If the cooking time is too long, remember to turn over halfway through

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