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What is the air fryer function of the air fryer oven


As you know, an air fryer oven combines the functions of an air fryer and a traditional oven

Air frying your food can provide a very similar taste and texture without any of the heaviness or heaviness that traditional frying methods typically bring. 

Health consequences, these methods are high in fat and calories.

Air frying uses only a fraction of the oil required in a fryer, which requires only about a tablespoon of cooking oil compared to the large amount of oil required in a traditional fryer. 

In contrast, air fryer ovens use circulating air up to 230 degrees to cook food.

Air frying has many benefits for your diet and health:

Weight loss: Fried foods are associated with higher obesity rates because they are high in calories and high in fat. 

Think about it: you are basically cooking your food by soaking it in hot oil. When you remove the oil required for traditional frying, you'll get healthier food, which in turn promotes a healthy weight.

Disease prevention: Vegetable oils are associated with higher rates of inflammation, heart disease risk, and inflammation. By significantly reducing the amount of oil you choose, you can reduce your chances of getting sick.

Increased safety: To use a traditional deep fryer, you need to deal with a lot of hot oil, which makes them far more dangerous than an air fryer oven. Since air fry ovens use less oil, they are generally safer than air fryers. Still, they should always be handled with care. Be sure to refer to your product manual for best usage instructions.

Reduced toxicity: Fryers present an additional risk of acrylamide, a dangerous compound that forms in oil at extremely high temperatures. Studies link acrylamide to a variety of cancers, including breast, endometrial, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers. These factors are completely out of the question when using an air fryer, but by air fry I mean an air fryer oven, not an air fryer. The reason is that the interior of most air fryers contains Teflon, a carcinogen, especially some plastic air fryers.
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