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HYSapientia air fryer oven featured by Sky News Italy


Amazon Prime Day is already here and the HYSapientia Air Fryer Oven has had good sales in 2 days.

Good news from the Italian sales team, our HFO 01B air fryer oven has been snapped up
empty and featured on Sky News Italia thanks to our excellent sales results.

There is also good news from the sales teams in the UK and Germany that our ovens are very popular in Europe!

We are currently actively replenishing our inventory, fans who haven't snapped up can follow us on Facebook: HYSapientia.

We'll be sharing more tips on using our air fryer oven in our Facebook group, and we're constantly updating recipes. 

HYSapientia Global Marketing is actively reaching out to food experts from all regions of Europe to provide more gourmet ideas for our ovens.

HYSapientia welcomes more customers to inquire us. In the current energy crisis, we can bring you more economical kitchen cooking tools and save more electricity bills for your kitchen. 

At the same time, bring you more rich food. This is what we've been doing!

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