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HYSapientia air fryer oven has adjustable speed fan


What is an air fryer oven fan?

A normal convection oven's fan is usually located at the back of the oven. Its fan can be turned off to bake like a traditional oven. In the convection mode, the hot air will form convection on the surface of the food to achieve the effect of baking.

But the fan of the air fryer oven is usually located at the top of the oven like the air fryer, and as an air fryer oven our fan cannot be turned off, this is for more efficient cooking.

What is adjustable speed?

We all know that food requires different temperatures and times to cook different times. Normal air fryer fans are not adjustable, which means they can't bake cakes. Because the fan speed of the conventional air fryer will cause the cake surface to become excessively brown when baking the cake. And it's hard to change the result by reducing the cooking time.

What does the HYSapientia air fryer oven do?

We set the fan to adjustable speed and we were able to finish cooking a variety of foods. The oven automatically adjusts to a low fan speed while cooking the cake. When baking fries or meat, our default setting is high air speed. The preset function on our screen does this for you nicely.

Air fryer ovens are versatile and efficient, energy efficient. We accomplish things that neither an oven nor an air fryer can do.

HYSapientia - Focus on the air fryer oven to be your own air fryer chef

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