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HYSapientia air fryer ready to ship to UK


In September-October, HYSapientia UK Amazon warehouse experienced out of stock for nearly two months.

The popularity of our air fryer ovens in the UK has far exceeded our expectations and we are very grateful to our customers for their choice. Currently our UK Amazon warehouse has been restored and new stock has been dispatched from the manufacturing base.

In this batch of goods, we have upgraded our packaging, no longer a simple brown outer box. In order to take into account the needs of more customers, we have adopted a color box with our unique design style, if you want to gift our oven to your friends or family. Well now is definitely the best chance.

Not only that, we have become more rigorous in packaging, and the new and upgraded packaging makes our customers no longer have to worry about any risks brought by transportation.

HYSapientia thank every customer for their choice, we specialize in the air fryer oven, to be your exclusive chef

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