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Hysapientia Ambassador


Image is the appearance of a company. We have received some suggestions from overseas customers, and we will carefully screen them. 

Our requirement is a high-tech and fashionable IP image, which will represent HYsapientia to global customers. It is an ideology that needs to be able to not conflict with other cultures. We have now settled on a name for it. It is called Hysaman.

 "HYSA" is short for the company, and this name also confirms that our ambassador is a male character and not a robot. Although we are a technology company, robots lack vitality. This is not what we think. Our goal is to develop intelligent products and improve the living standards of customers.

We welcome contributions from all countries. Hysaman may not win the favor of all customers, but we will try our best to make people love Hysaman and love Hysapientia through our quality products
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