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The benefits of controlling light temperature


Cold light temperature simulates sunlight, such as that produced by a 5-6K light fixture. This light color provides better visibility and is ideal for parking lots or other open areas. Additionally, low temperature lights ensure critical areas remain lit and safe.

For example, high temperature lamps are often used in bus stops and payphone areas. Likewise, courtyards and lobbies can benefit from higher temperature lighting at night. Additionally, the added clarity of blue light helps reduce shadows.

However, blue light also pollutes the night sky more than warm light. If overused, it is harmful to wildlife as it disrupts normal life patterns. Most commercial lights are kept below 3000K to avoid potentially damaging results. This temperature provides ample warm, sunrise-like lighting without any adverse effects on wildlife or humans.

Commercial building managers should inspect their properties at all times. Different areas of the building require different lighting at different times. Likewise, not every facility will face the same conditions as others. Some people don't have to worry about wildlife impacts; others must follow local guidelines on light pollution. Knowing how to use and control lighting temperatures can benefit the building itself and the surrounding community.
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