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How to Clean an Air Fryer Oven


Getting an air fryer oven is an exciting time, and I'm sure you'll take it right out of the box for your first meal or snack.

What you want to know more

Do I have to clean the air fryer?
If so, how often?
Anyway, how do I properly clean my air fryer?

How to Clean an Air Fryer Oven
Clean baskets, plates and trays after each use. I know...it doesn't sound exciting, but it will help you stay on top. This can also be done using the silicone liner of an air fryer oven. They have and two.

However, the exterior of your air fryer oven only needs to be wiped down every few uses. Air fryers don't build up too much residue on the outside.

Do not use anything too rough to clean the air fryer. This includes steel wool, appliances, etc. The air fryer oven has a nonstick coating, and you don't want to accidentally scrape it off. If you need to scrub, an old toothbrush will suffice.

Do not use disinfectants. Most sanitizers are not food-grade and not safe for food contact. If you need something extra to scrub your air fryer oven, mix together baking soda and water.

Regardless, you should be able to start cleaning your air fryer by following these tips.
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