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How to choose between air fried oven and traditional oven


1. Healthier cooking
The single most important factor for most people buying an air fryer oven is the prospect of healthier cooking. Very little oil is used in the cooking process, which is the perfect way to replace less healthy fried foods with healthier alternatives.

You still need to spray some oil on fried foods like breaded chicken tenders and fried fish so that the crumbs are even and crispy as they cook, but you use a lot less oil. You can also make french fries and hash browns and get a nice crispy result without any frying.

2. Fast, secure and easy to use
Air fryer ovens started out as a replacement for deep fryers. While that's great, it's not enough to convince most people that they need one, since not many people use a deep fryer at home on a regular basis anyway.
A common problem these days is that we all want to cook more often, but simply don't have the time to do so. That's why ready-to-eat and takeout are so popular, even though we know how unhealthy they can be. If you could cook something like salmon or pork chops in an air fryer in under 20 minutes, would you rather do that than order it?

The fact that an air fryer oven is fast and easy to use means that cooking at home is a more tempting option. An air fryer oven makes dinner easy. All you have to do is season a piece of meat, like a chicken breast (even if it's frozen), put it in the basket, and cook it. Simple.

3. Crunchy food
If you make a lot of frozen and breaded foods, like onion rings and chicken tenders, you'll love this reason best. An air fryer oven will actually crisp up the food you cook, so you get a crispy golden brown exterior instead of a soggy mess.

All you need is a spray of cooking oil on the outside of the food and you'll end up with a crunchy exterior. This is the perfect way to make any crumb and any type of frozen or breaded food.

Try reheating leftover pizza! Not only does it crisp up the crust on the bottom, but it perfectly revives the topping when you heat up the slices.

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