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What you can do with an air fryer oven


The good news is that you can cook almost everything in an air fryer oven. You can bake and cook in an air fryer oven.

But when you buy HYSapientia's air fryer oven, you're still at a loss as to where to start.

One thing you can't do in an air fryer oven is fry food, an air fryer is not a fryer and it should never be used as a fryer.

What you make in an air fryer oven can mimic deep frying because you don't need extra oil to make a crispy meal. 

Also, it's important to know that the air fryer oven is not just for frozen food, you can also cook fresh and raw food in your gadget.

Back to our easy air fryer oven recipes for beginners and pros. 

These recipes include practical tips to ensure you cook like a pro. Plus our 10-in-1 presets allow you to quickly adapt to our ovens.

Check out the recipes prepared for you on our website for more cooking tips!
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