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Oils for Air Fryer Ovens


Why do air fryer oven need oil?
Oil is used in the air fryer oven to obtain a similar taste and texture to fried foods. It also helps keep food moist during cooking.

Can oil be filled in a spray bottle?
The oil you choose to use can be added to the or sprayer.

Using a spray bottle will allow you to save even more oil. If you need to cook small pieces of chicken, the most suitable is to use a spray bottle, if you directly use a large pot to pour the oil, it will be a certain waste, and the oil will not coat every part of the food well.

Depending on the recipe, choose the right type of oil before cooking to make the food more flavorful.

An air fryer oven can do most of your needs, and your oven and air fryer can be idle from now on.

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