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FAQ of air fryer convection oven


You can use other pans inside the air fryer convection oven

Any baking pan or cake pan you use in the oven is safe to use in the air fryer convection oven

You can use stainless steel pans, silicon pans, or even oven-safe glass pans. 

Just make sure they don't come in contact with the heating element. Remember to wear heat-resistant gloves to remove them.

Reheat leftovers in air fryer convection oven

I used to reheat food directly in the microwave, but then I realized that the air fryer convection oven does a better job, especially for those that could benefit from the extra crispness.

I now reheat pizza, rolls, hamburgers, leftover chicken, chops...it's done well and fast.

Air fryer convection oven can do more than just heating, it is more like secondary cooking, because it can stimulate the aroma of food

Bake a cake

You can bake anything in an air fryer convection oven. The only stipulation is that it fits in a basket. 

If you have a silicon cake pan, go ahead and bake your cake in it. You'll be surprised how great it works and in less time than in an electric oven.

Avoid cooking bland foods

Fried eggs

You can cook eggs in an air fryer convection oven to make them as good as hard boiled eggs. 

HYSapientia has posted many times before this on how to adjust the most suitable temperature and time to cook eggs. 

The effect of cooking is very good, exactly the same as boiling. The perfect substitute for poaching and saves you gas, they are very expensive.

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