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Is it cheaper to use an air fryer oven?


Air fryer ovens are more energy efficient than most convection ovens because they cook food faster, although they do use electricity, which is often more expensive than natural gas.

According to the latest figures from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the average electricity price in the UK in 2021 was 0.21 p/kWh, but under the current price cap it is now close to 0.28 p/kWh in 2022.

Assuming an 82% rise in October, by the end of 2022 we could see electricity costs of 51 p/kWh and gas costs over 13 p/kWh.

Although the power consumption of air fryer ovens with different powers is different, we can be sure that the time required to cook the same food in an air fryer oven is shorter than that of an electric oven.

 In terms of efficiency, the air fryer oven has already won.

So what are the advantages of an air fryer oven compared to an air fryer?

What we call an air fryer oven can also be called a countertop convection oven, which works similarly to an air fryer. 

The difference is that most air fryers use a fan from the top to circulate hot air to heat the food, while an air fryer oven has heating tubes at the top and bottom. 

Such a design allows you to hand over food to it with confidence.

On top of that, countertop convection ovens must have a larger capacity than air fryers. 

Although more expensive than an air fryer, the benefits of using an air fryer oven are even greater.

The HYSapientia air fryer oven has ten different preset functions, you can easily control it to cook a variety of different meals for your family. For example, you can cook toast with eggs, or bagels with other breads. He can save you a lot of time and money.

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