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HYSapientia Air fryer oven compliant with UK adapter standards


A good kitchen aid must have adapters that meet the requirements of each country.

HYSapientia is a pioneer in air fryer ovens, and our stock in our European and American warehouses includes adapters that match local usage habits. And in the UK market, we have plugs that conform to the UK, we attach great importance to the needs of customers, when you need to overcome the trouble of plugs brought by other brands, HYSapientia has prepared everything for you.

As a 25 liter capacity air fryer oven, you can cook for your family while saving money and time. 

We are equipped with a grill, which has the function of roasting meat, and can achieve a real roast chicken. Can be used for fermentation (e.g. homemade yogurt) and defrosting.

HYSapientia is a true multi-function oven, you can roast vegetables, chicken, steak, fries, pizza. 

You can do many things. Don't worry about the recipe, we've got it all ready for you. This is customer service exclusively for HYSapientia.

We currently have brand new HYSapientia air fryer ovens arriving from our warehouse in the UK. 

On the first day of arrival, 50 units have been sold, and many customers have left comments on our official Facebook account. We'd love to hear from our customers that can make us progress.

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