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Easy Air Fryer Oven Cooking Recipes


When winter comes, you will spend more time in your own kitchen than going to the restaurant outside, HYSA KITCHEN has prepared several very simple air fryer oven recipes,

 HYSapientia will accompany you through this cold winter!

One of the biggest concerns when using an air fryer oven is do they need to be preheated in advance?

Unlike other air fryer ovens, the HYSapientia uses the latest production technology, which makes its cooking efficiency greatly improved, no need to preheat before cooking, and the set cooking temperature can be reached within a minute.

If you need to cook multiple layers, simply arrange the pans on top of each other. The thing to pay attention to is the temperature and time of cooking, if you're cooking one food at the same time, you don't need to consider this. However, you need to pay attention to the temperature and time when cooking different foods. The easy-to-cook foods need to be taken out of the oven first, and the hard-to-cook foods continue to cook.

If you want to heat up leftovers in an air fryer oven, you just need to set the temperature to 60-70°C for 10 minutes and they will get a microwave-like effect. Of course, you can also cook them twice, just adjust the temperature and time to achieve different effects

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