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Is the HYSapientia air fryer oven safe for kids to use?


If your child is often at home alone, or you can't cook a meal for your child because of work. 

You could try getting your kids to try an air fryer oven.

This is a very safe cooker and easy to operate for kids. Of course your child is older than 8 years old.

You need to tell your child several safety precautions that must be paid attention to:

1. Do not touch all sides of the air fryer oven except doors and handles during cooking, they are safe

2. After cooking, you must wear heat-resistant gloves or other protective measures to touch the food container

3. Set the cooking temperature and time correctly according to the recipe to prevent overcooking

4. Do not add water in the oven to prevent the risk of electric shock caused by short circuit

5. Remember to turn off the power after cooking

The HYSapientia air fryer oven has double insulation glass and a power failure protection program that opens the door in the middle of cooking. These settings can better protect the safety of children.

All you need to do is tell your kids the safety tips and keep them in mind to get them to cook more with the air fryer oven. When you're busy at work, hysapientia can help you take care of your children's stomachs without leaving them hungry.

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