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HYSapientia air fryer ovens back in stock in the UK


The HYSapientia air fryer ovens were sold out at the end of summer and we are hugely popular in the UK. 

To this end, we immediately added the latest inventory, and the latest inventory has successfully entered the Amazon warehouse.

The oven in the warehouse has undergone a new upgrade. We have updated the packaging, the new packaging has improved stability and become more solid. 

This is because we have received feedback from customers before, and some customers have adverse reactions such as dents in the appearance of the oven due to the bumps in the goods during transportation. So we made adjustments right away in the latest packaging and upgraded our logistics services, now your purchases will be safer.

Plus, the new air fryer oven comes in a color box. No more boring brown boxes in our ovens. This will mean that now you can give our oven as a gift to your family or friends. They will be very happy.

We're doing more hype for the new air fryer oven. If you want to know more air fryer tips, you can click on our website or visit our Amazon store. 

We will send out the first batch of coupons for customers who are looking forward to our products.

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