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Double insulated glass for the HYSapientia air fryer oven


This article will answer the customer's doubts: the role of double glazing.

Why do modern ovens use double glazing? Instead of choosing a single layer. 

There is a knowledge that most people understand that double-glazed insulation is better.

That's right, this is the technology that most brands of air fryer ovens use, in order to keep customers safe from the heat.

Our purpose is not just that simple, we not only use double-layer glass, but also built-in safety insulation strips + box insulation cotton.

 We had to do this considering that children might be curious to touch the oven when their parents are not around.

 As a product for use in the home kitchen, we need more consideration for kids. 

Children can touch the glass of HYSapientia air fryer oven without any problem even while cooking. Don't worry about getting burned at all.

In order to enable consumers to have a better experience with our products, we will continue to upgrade our air fryer ovens.

Our expectation is that it will bring you a better experience and help you do more meaningful work in the current energy crisis.

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