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Why is the hysapientia air fryer oven equipped with a display


At present, the air fryer ovens or countertop convection ovens on the market are basically not equipped with a display screen. 

Convective ovens or air fryers that already have a display will be very expensive relative to it.

So why did HYSapientia opt for a display and cost even less than an oven without a display?

We believe that the display screen must be included in kitchen appliances.

Just like our brand concept, our goal is to create an intelligent kitchen for every family, let intelligent kitchen appliances enter every family, and become a real kitchen helper around you.

And we reduce the price of each product. The high price will make people disappointed. 

We are committed to giving everyone the best quality products at the lowest price.

The display screen allows each user to clearly understand the working status of the oven, without the need to read the information on the knob. 

With just one look, you can grasp the temperature and time. Saves you time and you can do more while cooking.

Convenient for your control

The HYSapientia air fryer oven will automatically stop working when cooking is complete and the display will tell you how the oven is currently working, but if you don't have a display then you can't leave the kitchen halfway through and it will make you disoriented.

When you choose HYSapientia, you choose safety, efficiency and money saving. Why not give it a try?

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