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Why HYSapientia air fryer ovens are stainless steel


Why use stainless steel instead of plastic for an air fryer oven?

We all know that basically all air fryers are made using plastic which is why they are so cheap. But can plastic really meet food-grade standards?

Air fryers have been reported to contain coatings using Teflon materials in recent years. 

This is a carcinogen, and although many brands deny it, it has to be said that it is true, not alarmist. We must pay attention to our health, just like when we drink water or coffee in our life, most of the cups we use are made of glass, ceramic or stainless steel.

Do you use plastic cups to drink water? They have a strange smell when poured into boiling water.

It's not hard to see that until the air fryer was around, no plastic was used in the cookware we used.

HYSapientia insists on using stainless steel and other metals to make air fryer ovens, we care more about consumer health than cost. 

We know that caring about consumers is caring about yourself, stainless steel is very safe to cook without producing chemicals, and we have passed safety certifications from major laboratories, so you can rest assured.

If you are very concerned about your health, why not try us?

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