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Temperature control technology in the HYSapientia air fryer oven


Oven temperature control is a critical part of the oven, determining the quality of an oven. 

HYSapientia is the best kitchen helper around you, so we have very high requirements for the temperature control accuracy of the air fryer oven

Choosing the right thermostat can control the temperature of the oven better. The algorithm of the thermostat is more important. HYSapientia chooses an accurate PID algorithm, which can prevent the temperature from overshooting too much, or when the temperature does not reach the required temperature, the heating tube will continue to heat up. Turn on the auto-tuning function of the temperature control meter, so that the device can tune itself. After adjustment, the three parameters of P, I, and D will be automatically adjusted inside the meter. The smart thermostat can help the oven to start the on-off control of the oven before reaching the temperature, reduce the heating rate of the oven and reduce the overshoot effect. Or let the oven continue to heat up to the desired temperature before the oven temperature is reached.

Some ovens use ordinary digital temperature control meters. As long as the oven temperature reaches the required temperature, the heating device can be turned off. But in fact, after the heating device is turned off, there is still a flush temperature, that is, after the heating device is turned off, the oven temperature will continue to rise, resulting in "overshoot". What is the overshoot temperature? It is also related to the heating speed of the heating tube.  Among them, there is also a heating tube, the acceleration cannot reach, the temperature in the oven does not reach the corresponding temperature, and the oven stops heating. At this time, it will be reflected that the oven temperature is difficult to reach the required temperature.

HYSapientia will strictly review the quality of each oven before leaving the factory, and we have undergone repeated laboratory tests to ensure that the temperature of each oven is relatively accurate.

Temperature is the most important parameter for cooking food, and the HYSapientia air fryer oven will accompany you and protect the stomach of you and your family.

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