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HYSapientia Dual Air Fryer Oven Coming Soon


With dual air fryer sales booming in the UK, HYSapientia has developed its latest dual air fryer oven at the request of fans.

 The latest dual air fryer oven will officially go on sale on Amazon UK in February next year

Why are dual air fryers so popular?

A normal air fryer has only one drawer, and it can only serve one person. Added a basket to make it more roomy. You can cook two different foods at the same time. This greatly increases cooking efficiency and shortens cooking time. This is a great choice for a large family.

What are the advantages of the HYSapientia dual air fryer oven?

On the basis of the original 24L, we changed the internal structure and designed a removable baffle. If you need to cook different foods at the same time, you can use the double-layer design to separate the inside of the oven. If you need to make pizza or bake the whole Chicken you can remove the bezel.

The detachable design allows more of the effective capacity of the oven to do more than a dual air fryer can. And I will not use plastic in the material of the cookware, we will use stainless steel, which will ensure healthy cooking to a greater extent.

The HYSapientia dual air fryer oven will reach the highest efficiency of an air fryer cooker, why?

Heat pipes and fans from the bottom and top allow the food in the oven to cook optimally without turning it over, something an air fryer can't do.

Don't know how to cook, the ten-in-one preset function can make it easy for you to do it. Just move a finger.

HYSapientia - Air Fryer Oven Expert!

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