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HYSapientia Small Air Fryer Oven Features


A month ago, the HYSapientia design team announced the appearance and function of the latest small air fryer oven.

Now our latest air fryer oven is in production and is expected to be shipped to Amazon UK warehouses in November. It will meet fans in the UK before Christmas.

What are the features of the HYSapientia small air fryer oven?

Small size: The most common opinion received by the HYSapientia customer service team is that our HYS-AFO-01A is too large and there is no extra space in the kitchen to place them.
The capacity of this mini air fryer oven has been adjusted to 15L, and now it can be placed in the kitchen very well, and this capacity is larger than most air fryers on the market. It is capable of cooking a whole chicken! It looks like an air fryer

Ten-in-one function: You read that right, even if the volume is reduced to fit the kitchen space, we still have the ten-in-one function. That means it's not just an air fryer, you can do the job of an electric oven, air fryer, microwave, toaster. Preset times and temperatures in ten different cooking modes make it easy to have a delicious dinner even if you don't know how to cook.

Heating pipes from the top and bottom: not only the fans and heating pipes at the top, we also have heating pipes from the bottom, this is to achieve a better air frying effect, let the hot air continue to circulate in the food, you No need to flip food during cooking

Energy saving: A mini air fryer oven consumes the same amount of electricity as an air fryer, or even less than an air fryer. It can easily feed two people, and if you cook for yourself, you will save more money on cooking.

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