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How to properly use the accessories of the HYSapientia air fryer oven


To help you get the most out of your Air Fryer Oven, we've listed the proper way to use the accessories. 

Let you choose the right tools when cooking


Crumb Tray


Crumb Tray is usually placed below the bottom heating tube, in order to prevent the grease and debris from the cooking process of the food from dirtying the bottom of the air fryer oven. This tool will save you time cleaning your air fryer oven


Bake Tray


If you don't want your food to contaminate your oven with grease from cooking. Then a Bake Tray

is a great tool to hold food up and make your cooking easier.


Of course, you can use it to bake any food, depending on your needs.


Oven Rack


Use an oven rack to allow hot air to heat food evenly from the top fan and bottom heat pipes. You can use it to cook hard-to-cook vegetables like whole potatoes, steak, and bacon.


Not just limited to vegetables and meat, pasta foods cook best on the Oven Rack



The use of the Rotisserie is not limited to cooking roast chicken, it can also be used to cook a whole pig's trotter, and it is a very good tool for large chicken or pork. Rotating in hot air gives food the best taste.


Air Fryer Basket


The Air Fryer Basket is more like a net that you can use to make some food suitable for frying (small in size and large in quantity). Like fries or chicken nuggets, turn the basket during cooking to get the best texture and to heat the food evenly.


Fetch Rack


The tool to carry the Rotisserie, the Rotisserie will get hot after cooking, use this tool to protect your hands!




Use it to touch hot oven accessories while cooking or after cooking. Protect your hands

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