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HYSapientia Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes


Thanksgiving is one week away, and HYSA KITCHEN has prepared a festive turkey dinner for everyone.

Over the past few years, I'm sure you've tried a lot of turkey recipes. But I'm sure you've never tried cooking a turkey in an air fryer oven

f you are new to air fryer ovens, or even hearing about this cooker for the first time, then you need to visit our website HYSapientia for more information. 

This is the most fashionable kitchen cooker at the moment, and energy saving is its biggest selling point, which makes this air fryer an instant hit.

But today we don't introduce products. On HYSapientia's Youtube channel, we publish the latest air fryer turkey recipe, click this link to access it immediately.

The turkey made in the air fryer oven has tender meat and most importantly, it is very fast. If you are cooking the turkey in your large oven, you may have to wait 2 hours. 

But handing it over to the air fryer oven only takes 45 minutes or an hour (depending on the size of the turkey) to get a fully cooked roast chicken.

 You can safely put a 5kg turkey into our oven. Don't worry about the capacity, the large capacity of 24L is enough to finish cooking.

Finally let's see, the cooking result!

We specialize in the air fryer oven, to be your exclusive chef.
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