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HYSapientia Air Fryer Oven Preset Mode Instructions


If you received our air fryer oven and can't use it, then this article will help you solve the problem.

What does preset mode mean?

HYSapientia air fryer oven has ten preset modes, namely Toast, Cake, Fish, Dehydrate, Chicken, Air fryer, Unfreeze, Steak, Rotisserie.

Each preset function has a fixed temperature and time, which is based on repeated tests by HYSA KITCHEN. Use preset temperatures to save you time.

But the preset mode may not be able to cook any food to a perfect taste. For example, someone likes crisper toast, then you need to increase the time of the toast preset mode. We can't satisfy everyone's hobbies, so the temperature and time in the preset mode are just for reference.

If you don't know how to decide how to cook your food, you can refer to HYSapientia's recipes.

How to use preset mode?

First of all, we need to turn on the switch of the air fryer oven, and then adjust different modes through the knob or screen on the oven.
After determining the desired mode, press the start button and the oven will start working.

About the temperature instructions on the recipe

Some customers find that the temperature on the recipe is different from the temperature of the preset mode. As mentioned above, the preset modes are for reference only. The recipe will adjust the temperature and time according to different cooking methods, which is to let the food cook to achieve the best taste.

Can I set the temperature and time freely?

The temperature and time in all preset modes are adjustable, it is not fixed, this is to allow customers to choose the cooking method they need more freely.

And, you can also cook different foods together. For example, chicken nuggets and chips, you can use the preset mode of chicken nuggets or chips to cook them. No matter which one you use, one thing you need to be aware of is

Different foods are cooked at different temperatures and times, take French fries and chicken nuggets for example. If you are cooking your fries using the preset mode, then you will need to remove the fries after they are cooked and add more time to continue cooking the chicken pieces.

If you're using the chicken nugget preset to cook them, you'll need to remove the fries ahead of time, or they'll turn brown.

The same is true for other foods, vegetables and meat are also cooked for different times, to prevent browning or undercooking. You need to set a time to remind yourself when cooking at the same time.

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