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HYSapientia's latest recipes and accessory instructions


In order to improve our customer service and meet the needs of our customers for the use of our air fryer oven and some problems that will arise during use. 

In addition to the instruction manual, we have produced a more detailed recipe and two accessory instructions.

You can find them by visiting this URL
The website contains English recipes in different languages from different countries and different models of ovens have corresponding recipes.

Introduction to accessories description

Instructions for accessories 1: mainly introduces the use of accessories of the air fryer oven, precautions, diagrams of the interior of the oven, additional recommended accessories and the dimensions of all accessories.

Instructions for accessories 2 :mainly introduces the recommended combination of all accessories, and we indicate the interval size between the accessories in each combination. In another section, we list, instructions about our ovens, how to use them safely, how to clean them, and answers to some frequently asked questions. At the bottom, we list how the oven's preset modes operate.

If you are unable to download these files, please contact our support team. We will process your request within 12 hours.

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