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Why HYSapientia Air Fryer Ovens Have Preset Modes


About the introduction of the preset mode, we have made a detailed introduction in the previous article. 

If you haven't read this article, you can visit this website.


So why does the HYSapientia air fryer ovens have different preset modes from other ovens?

The preset mode can help customers cook food more quickly and efficiently. For the processing of simple recipes, you only need to turn on the oven selection mode and then turn off the oven. For example, if you buy a frozen pizza in the supermarket, our preset mode will tell you the best cooking temperature and time, without you needing to find recipes, which can save most of your time.

The preset mode can help customers understand the full functions of the air fryer oven. Your convection oven will not tell you that it has all the functions. You only use it to roast chicken or barbecue. And our air fryer ovens will tell you through the preset mode. In addition to cooking various foods, we can also heat leftovers, we can also make dried fruits and defrost food. You can easily read all the information through the preset mode, which is also a major feature of HYSapientia air fryer ovens.

Many customers will wonder, can only one kind of food be cooked in the preset mode? In fact, the answer to this question is very simple. The preset mode just sets a fixed time and temperature, and you can use this temperature and time to cook the same type of food. For example, toast and bagels or baguettes can be heated together. Chicken and pork can also be reheated together. Just open your imagination.

Each preset mode can be switched to a free mode, taking grilled chicken as an example.

The preset temperature for grilling chicken is 230°C for 20 minutes. If the recipe you read tells you that 200°C for 25 minutes can make the chicken more crispy, you only need to press the control button for time and temperature, and then turn the knob to adjust your desired temperature. desired temperature and time.

HYSapientia air fryer ovens hopes to bring more convenience to customers through preset modes, so that more novice cooks can enjoy delicious food easily. But I also prepared a free cooking mode for culinary experts, everything you want, HYSapientia is ready for you.

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