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Some Tips for Using the Air Fryer Oven


To prepare for air frying:

1. Choose the ideal location in your kitchen for your HYSapientia air fryer oven. Make sure there is space around the oven for hot air to escape through the rear vents.

2. The air fryer oven heats up very quickly, and there is no need to wait for the preheating before putting food in, and develop this good habit. Sometimes recipes call for a hot start, and baking food in a cool oven can have less-than-desirable results. For example, putting a cold pastry in a hot oven will improve the bake. Brief heating at the start of baking improves pizza dough properties. Wait to put the food in the oven unless you are really in a hurry as it only takes a few minutes for the oven to preheat.

3. Buy a spray bottle for your kitchen. While using less oil overall, spraying food with oil is simpler than drizzling or brushing. You'll be glad you did!

4. For easy cleanup, consider lining your drip pan with aluminum foil.

5. Apply the correct breadcrumb method. Many air fryer oven recipes call for breadcrumbs. Don't miss any steps! Coating dishes with flour, eggs and breadcrumbs is essential. Watch out for the crumbs, pressing them onto the food with your hands. Because the mechanism of an air fryer oven includes a powerful fan, the crumbs can occasionally blow off the food. If you press hard on these crumbs, the crumbs will stick better.

During air frying:

1. When cooking fatty foods, add a little water to the drip pan under the basket tray to help keep the fat from overheating and smoking.

2. Cook food in a single layer instead of placing food tightly on the mesh tray. I must stress this point. While it may be tempting to cook more food at once, crowding prevents food from crisping and browning evenly and increases cook time.

3. Halfway through, use oil mist. If you want your food to be browned and crispy, try misting the food with oil during cooking. As a result, the food will also brown more evenly.

4. Delicate items should be baked lower in the oven to prevent over-browning or hasty browning. Take advantage of the versatility of an air fryer oven by moving the baking sheet to a lower position in the oven so that foods with toppings like cheese or pastry don't get too hot by being too close to the upper element.

After air frying:

1. Always make sure the drip tray is under the mesh or perforated tray when removing the tray from the oven. Otherwise, dripping grease and crumbs can end up on the countertop or oven door.

2. Don't empty the juice from the drip tray too quickly. Much of the liquid from food cooked above collects in the tray below the wire basket tray, which also collects any marinade you pour on the plate. If the drippings aren't too greasy, you can use this tasty liquid as a sauce to pour over dishes. To concentrate the flavor, you can also skim this liquid and reduce briefly on the stovetop.

3. After each use, clean the heating element and oven door to prevent oil from building up inside the air fryer oven.

4. Clean the mesh rack or basket in the air fryer oven with a brush after each use. When eating, soak the basket in the drip tray to remove any food stuck in the mesh.

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