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Maintenance of household mixers


1. The mixer should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. It is best not to be exposed to strong sunlight, nor too close to the wall, nor too close to flammable materials. Otherwise, there is a danger of fading and rusting of the shell.
2. During the operation of the mixer, the table top cannot be shaken or relaxed, otherwise, the internal parts may be loosened.

3. After each use of the mixer, remember to unplug the power plug, and then wipe the outer surface with a dry cloth to clean up the internal residue.

4. When the mixer is used daily, it should be noted that the slag tank should be checked first. If it is almost full, it should be poured out, otherwise there will be too much fruit residue in the slag tank, which will cause the mixer to vibrate.

5. The daily cleaning of the mixer cannot be directly washed with water, nor can it be cleaned without unplugging the power plug, otherwise it may cause damage.

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