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The benefits of food vacuum packaging


Food vacuum packaging puts food into a packaging bag, extracts the air in the packaging bag, and completes the sealing process after reaching a predetermined vacuum degree. In the food industry, vacuum packaging applications are very common, various cooked products such as chicken legs, ham, sausages, grilled fish fillets, beef jerky, etc.; pickled products such as various pickles, bean products, preserved fruits and other foods that need to be kept fresh Vacuum packaging is increasingly being used. Vacuum-packed food has a long shelf life, which greatly extends the shelf life of the food.

The benefits of food vacuum packaging:
· Eliminate part of the air (oxygen) in the packaging container, which can effectively prevent food spoilage;
· The use of packaging materials with excellent barrier (air tightness) and strict sealing technology and requirements can effectively prevent the exchange of substances in the packaging, which can avoid food weight loss, loss of taste, and prevent secondary pollution.

The gas inside the vacuum packaging container has been removed, which accelerates the conduction of heat, which can improve the thermal sterilization efficiency and avoid the rupture of the packaging container due to the expansion of the gas during thermal sterilization;

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