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The principle of household dehumidifier


Dehumidification method of household dehumidifier: freezing and dehumidification
Refrigeration dehumidifier working principle:
First, the internal circulation of the dehumidifier:
Through the operation of the compressor → discharge high temperature and high pressure gas → enter the condenser for cooling
→ Turn into low temperature and high pressure gas → intercept through capillary → filter through filter → turn into low temperature and low pressure liquid
→ Evaporate and absorb heat through the evaporator → return to the compressor to become low temperature and low pressure gas. And so on and on.
Second, the external circulation of the dehumidifier:
In the case of normal startup → through the operation of the fan → the moist air is sucked from the air inlet
→ After the evaporator → the evaporator condenses the water vapor in the air into water and adsorbs it on the aluminum sheet → the moist air becomes dry air

→ Heat up and dissipate heat through the condenser → Blow out dry gas from the air outlet. This cycle will reduce the indoor humidity.

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