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How to choose solar garden lights?


Friends who have installed solar garden lights know that solar garden lights can save you a lot of money, including human, financial and material resources. Sunshine does not require upfront paving works and can save a lot of money.
Second, electricity must be used for lighting. What is the power consumption of solar garden lights? According to statistics, ordinary street lights are lit for about 10 hours a day, consume about 2 degrees of electricity, and the annual electricity bill is about 1,000 yuan or more. Solar garden lights use solar energy resources. The working principle of solar energy resources and solar garden lights has been discussed before, so I won't say more here.
The service life of solar garden lights is also longer than that of ordinary street lights. Under normal circumstances, the general manufacturer has a 5-year warranty. I believe that if the garden light manufacturer does not have this confidence, it will definitely not cause trouble for itself.
In life, whether it is villa gardens, residential courtyards, park squares, campuses, gardens or tourist areas, we can all see the application of solar garden lights. During the day, solar garden lights become a landscape highlighting different styles; at night, solar garden lights illuminate pedestrians, while creating a romantic and warm atmosphere, attracting people's attention.

1. Style
Courtyard style with solar garden lights, your villa garden is retro and European style, you can choose classical and charming solar garden lights to make the garden look elegant; if your villa garden has a modern style, you can choose fashionable and personalized solar garden lights. In short, the whole courtyard should match the environment of solar garden lights, so that the overall effect looks more beautiful and unified.
2. Color temperature
In addition to meeting the lighting needs, solar garden lights can also create a warm atmosphere at night, so the color of landscape lights should be soft; too cold light sources give people a cold feeling, not suitable for private villa courtyards, choose softer and warmer light sources .
3. Distance
"Distance makes beauty" also applies to the installation spacing of solar garden lights. Especially when installing solar garden lights in the villa courtyard, the appropriate installation ratio should be determined according to the size of the villa garden, so that the landscape lights can be effective.
4. Safety
The installation of solar garden lights should take measures such as lightning protection, anti-theft, waterproof, and anti-freeze. Before and after installation, the composition of solar garden lights must be checked, just in case.
5. Quality
When choosing solar garden lights, be sure to choose reliable products, one is safe to use, and the other is a product with guaranteed after-sales and guaranteed quality.
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