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HYSapientia makes your life better


HYSapientia makes your life better

HYSapientia is a manufacturer specializing in the production of home accessories such as solar lamps, products based on solar panels, home kitchen appliances, products to make the garden more attractive or bathroom accessories such as wireless hair dryers, etc.

HYSapientia is consisted by “HY” and “Sapientia”, “HY”is pronounced as “High”and “Sapientia” means “Wisdom” in Latin, its called "HYSa" for short. Now we are living in a "Highly Intelligent Socity", It embodies our conviction that there is value in bring beauty and convenience to every person in using the smart products.  We also believe the wisdom of our group will provide a brilliant experience and illuminate your life.

When you get to know us, I believe that the quality and style of our HYSapientia surpasses all other products.
Seeing this, I believe you can't help but want to enter our homepage. OK. Our homepage is: www.hysapientia.com
 We have also opened our own mall, you can click on it at any time to enjoy shopping. www.hyas.com
Of course trust us, we are always there! HYSapientia's products have very complete certification and testing reports, we will be responsible for our products! You can always search and contact us on facebook, ins, twitter or even tiktok!

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