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How to keep you solar lights always bright by HYSapientia


How to keep you solar lights always bright by HYSapientia

After the solar garden light has been installed, it will inevitably encounter some situations where it suddenly does not light up. The solar garden light itself is used for lighting. If it does not light up, its lighting value will be lost. So when the solar garden light does not turn on, we need to find the reason and solve the problem. Then, what is the reason and the treatment method of the solar garden light not turning on? HYSapientia technical staff will answer for you:

1. Parts damaged/water ingress

Due to natural or man-made reasons, the light source or solar panel is damaged and enters the water, resulting in the solar garden light not working, bright and sometimes not bright, flickering and so on.

Solution: Overhaul the light source or replace the product.

2. The battery is dead
Changes in weather have a greater impact on the charging of solar panels to batteries. Batteries run out of charge due to prolonged use and short periods of light charging.

Solution: Place garden lights where they receive a lot of sunlight. Turn on the solar light during the day to charge it. Turn off the solar light at night so that it stops discharging. This continues for at least 3 days.

3. The solar panel is blocked
Charging the battery requires the solar panel to receive enough light. Because the solar panel is blocked for a long time, the battery cannot be charged or the charging efficiency is low, and finally the battery is short of power.

Solution: Put your garden lights in a place that is not shaded and receives a lot of sunlight. Even when it snows, clear the snow on it.

4. There is sufficient light around the solar lamp

The solar panel of many solar luminaires has light sensing, and it will not work when the surrounding environment is well lit.

Solution: Place solar garden lights where there is not enough light at night. Do not place it under street lamps or near other light sources.

The above is about the reasons why the solar garden light does not light up and the treatment method. In order to ensure the normal operation of the solar garden light, regular maintenance and inspection are essential. Of course, once there is a fault, as long as you follow the method to solve it, it will still be solved.

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