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Colorful decoration, garden lighting


Colorful decoration, garden lighting
Careful gaze/encounter silent beauty
Modern products - HYSapientia, an expert in creating aesthetics,
Originating from the taste of life, it is a creative model of high-end vision.
For you - beyond imagination
Colorful gradient, no wiring, intelligent light control, plug and play.
The details you care about have been qualityized,
Highlights of solar lights: solar charging, intelligent induction, soft lighting, high illumination, no wiring, large-capacity battery.
Step into the scene - close to life
It is both a face value and a practical one, with both decoration and lighting
Selected PP material, not afraid of corrosion even at the seaside
Gorgeous style, colorful gradient light, decorate modern garden
Simple without losing the sense of design, enhance the taste of the garden landscape
Breakthrough quality - careful analysis
Monocrystalline silicon solar panel, excellent optical properties, fast charging time
1500mAh battery with anti-overshoot protection for long battery life
At night, the dazzling brilliance in the courtyard is irresistible
your life - no need
Park paths, courtyard gardens, villa scenic spots
Your garden needs lights like this!
HYSapientia is a manufacturer specializing in the production of home accessories such as solar lamps, products based on solar panels, home kitchen appliances, products to make the garden more attractive or bathroom accessories such as wireless hair dryers, etc.
Our homepage is: www.hysapientia.com, please follow us.
If you want to buy our products, you can also enter:www.hysa.shop
Try me,why not?I think you will love our products.

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