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Home Air Fryer Oven


A new product of the same manufacturing platform, the Oven with knobs is newly launched. It is the same as our LED Display Control Intelligent Air Fryer Oven. They are made of the same material, but we have made differences in functions. In order to make our oven suitable for all people, this one uses digital screen multi-button mode, which makes it easier to use.

The Feature of Home Air Fryer Oven:

Convection Technology:360 degree hot air circulation and double tube uniform heating.2 levels of convection speeds allow natural convection circulates air, provide a greater volume of air to ensure fast and even heat distribution.Which you will have the better flavor in your food.

Digital Precise Temperature Control:The tube uses the design of 4 above and 2 below. Features NTC temperature probes and PID precise temperature control algorithm to keep the temperature in the cavity constant and ensure the stability of the heat during baking.

Super insulation:Home Air Fryer Oven come with more than insulation cotton and strips, but also upgraded double-layer insulation glass to prevent you from being scalded.
The perfect combination:LED digital display is more intelligent. Visual oven lights allow you to see how your food changes in the oven, increasing your interaction with the food.

Quick-to-clean:The galvanized inner makes oven quick-to-clean, and keeping warm for long time and limits scratches to the oven and also resists smudging and fingerprints, making clean-up a breeze.

Reliable material:Ultra-thin shell, double-layer tempered glass door and heat dissipation holes on the top and sides greatly reduce the temperature of the oven. Rear cooling holes ensure the moisture can be discharged in time, and improve the baking result.

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