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HYSapientia solar motion sensor light


Solar motion sensor light is a solar powered outdoor light equipped with motion sensor to detect motion. These lights usually have 3 modes of operation: full bright mode, when motion is detected, dim mode changes to bright mode, when motion is detected, off mode changes to bright mode again. A common setting for a motion sensor light is to keep it in dim mode and change it to bright mode when someone walks by or approaches the light. Solar motion sensor lights are often installed on decks, porches, gardens, patios, walkways, sheds, etc. to illuminate the road when needed. The solar panel needs to get full sunlight during the day to charge the internal battery. The lights automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn when the battery has enough charge.

HYSapientia claims that 218 LEDs is the optimal number of lights, as it makes these motion sensors brighter and last longer at night. The light is waterproof and heat resistant and can operate in unpredictable weather conditions. After charging in sunlight for about 7 hours, it will stay off at night until the motion detector is activated. All screws required for installation are provided. The package also contains a small needle to activate the light before first use

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