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Five reasons to use renewable energy


Reason 1 – Reduce your carbon footprint
Whatever the reason for Earth's changing weather patterns, reducing the amount of fossil fuels used to operate tools will reduce the amount of pollutants that power plants emit into the air. Each kWh of renewable energy used is equal to one kWh of unburned fossil fuels. It's a pretty good deal. If you are a renewable energy user, all of your projects can claim green origins, especially when they are built.

Reason 2 - Support the development of renewable energy
A somewhat inaccurate statement people use is that "renewable energy is free". The fuel itself (sun, wind, water, etc.) is free, but converting it into electricity requires a very expensive system. Think about the future, when we don't rely on digging things out of the ground to power our lives. If you support renewable energy by participating in utility projects such as solar gardens, or request a renewable energy option, you are helping make renewable energy our only source of energy.

Reason 3 – Be Your Own Power Plant
You have a shop because you love to build and tinker, right? Extend it with a renewable energy system. The most common form of renewable energy for individuals is solar photovoltaics or solar photovoltaics. You can power your entire store with a solar array. There is no point in cutting the power cord on the cable than cutting the power cord.

Reason 4 – Batteries not included
OK, before we get too obsessed with cutting the cord, remember that solar doesn't work at night, and the wind isn't always blowing. This means that batteries are needed to store electricity for later use completely independent of the grid. In the same way that cordless tools make life easier in the shop and at work, using batteries to store renewable energy frees you from the constraints of "wired" power. When it comes to battery envy, you're going to be the champ. Imagine an exchange like, "Hey, I have a 60-volt Li-Ion battery pack" encountering "Well, I have a 10 kW battery pack".
Reason 5 – Sustainability
A lot of people in stores I know are environmentalists. They are careful to only use what they need and recycle as much material as possible to supplement at least a portion of what they use. They also look for responsibly harvested wood, so they can be confident that the wood supply will not run out, ending their hobby or livelihood. Call it stewardship, conservation, sustainability or any other term. Renewable energy is perfect for this mold, and it's perfect for powering the workshop.

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