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HYSapientia solar bollard lights


Human-scale pedestrian area lighting and public lighting are important developments in lighting technology. Pillar and pillar-mounted street lighting is necessary for visibility when cars and vehicles are moving at higher speeds, but not necessarily when we're walking along quiet trails that only need enough lighting for the path ahead. Want to disturb our night vision adaptations and sky views. For this reason, bollards are often preferred when it comes to pedestrian area and passage lighting, especially when safety is not an issue and protecting the nighttime environment is important.

Energy efficient pedestrian lighting

Solar lighting technology enables landscape architects, lighting designers and master planners to illuminate botanical gardens, public open spaces and residential pathways without the need for grid-connected power, and to provide more environmentally sustainable lighting solutions.

HYSapientia has a range of solar lamp posts that represent the future of solar lighting technology. Rather than a retrofit solution, these solar lamp posts are designed from the ground up, which allows them to take full advantage of the latest solar and LED lighting technologies.
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