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Small solar lights in Africa


Just as cell phones have revolutionized communications across Africa, surpassing the need for landlines, small solar lights are now helping to provide light and power to millions of people across the continent.

While grid electrification will not cover much of rural sub-Saharan Africa in our lifetime, the solar revolution is taking place, helping to light up millions of homes that would otherwise remain in darkness.

The concept is simple: tiny solar panels, the size of the palm of your hand, convert sunlight into electricity, which in turn charges the tiny batteries that power high-efficiency LED lights.

Small solar lights make a big impact Not only do they represent the first step towards a cleaner, safer and more renewable future, but our research shows that that first step has a greater impact than any subsequent 'ladder of energy'. , families can stop using dangerous, polluting kerosene lamps and candles.

We use an ever-expanding range of high-quality solar products and innovate to lower affordability barriers for even the poorest households, to bring light to every home, school and medical clinic in Africa by 2030.
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